Author: Aaron Edgell

  • Trust the process.

    The process has to be complete and rigorous. Here’s my process for digital marketing (at a high level): Why? the brand. What are the business goals? Develop strategy to accomplish goals. Develop the framework, recipe, and tactics. Execute, measure, and learn.

  • Content Nucleus

    Few will experience your brand & story in one complete way. It is consumed little by little in a variety of places and experiences. Create a strong and complete content nucleus on your website. It tells the core story and message through a variety of content types. It is authoritative. It is complete. It acts […]

  • Develop muscles for uncertainty.

    Some are born with the propensity to navigate uncertainty. Most of us are not. For growth and success you must live on the edge of discomfort in a world that seems uncertain. The key is to pursue that world early and often. It’ll be hard. But you will have experiences that will teach you it’s worth […]