Performance Historian

Updated: 03/20/2021 Every business would benefit from a performance historian. Financial documents and the accounting department are the general business historians for organizations large and small. But you also need someone or something that catalogs what you’re learning. There needs to be something helping us understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s next. Currently,… Continue reading Performance Historian

2020 Twenty Twenty MMXX

I did not publish a post in 2020. But I wrote more than I ever have. I decided that I needed to finally journal every day. So that was my 2020 habit to add. And what a year to journal every day. How many days did I journal? There were 366 days in 2020. One… Continue reading 2020 Twenty Twenty MMXX

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Twenty Nineteen

The most surprising thing about 2019 was that I found out that I’m highly allergic to buckwheat. Buckwheat!? Yep, buckwheat. Got an Epi-Pen and all. The doctor was so surprised he wanted to use me as a case study. Apparently no one is as allergic to buckwheat as I am. My 2019 word was Finish.… Continue reading Twenty Nineteen