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  • Minutiae


    It’s destructive. A distraction. It’s seductive. It must be. Why do we spend so much time with it? In life. In business. In relationships. Stay focused on the macro. We don’t see the macro each day. Because we don’t set our sights on the horizon. We must see the unseen. And live in it. But […]

  • Pain of Regret vs.

    It’s not pain of regret vs. pain of rejection or pain of failure. The other pain is just the discomfort of growth and learning. The discomfort of rejection could also be temporary. Trust yourself. As a data guy I think you should use what makes sense and what the data reveals. As an entrepreneur I also […]

  • How do you react to mistakes?

    It says a lot about you. Is your first instinct to blame a process? Or technology? Another person? Do you blame yourself and shrink? Do you admit that part/all of the blame is yours? And then provide a solution to prevent in the future? Take blame. Move forward. Forward-looking and solution finding. That’s who I want […]

  • Effortless Immersion

    Don’t settle until you find a project, job, hobby, or whatever that allows you to effortlessly get lost in the work. Effortless immersion isn’t the only criteria. To find real meaning and satisfaction the work has to improve you and the lives of others. When you’re there, you’ll know. It’ll be hard to sleep because […]

  • The smell of newspaper.

    Up before the sun. Twelve years old. A stack a newspapers on the front doorstep. Roll the newspapers and wrap them in rubber bands. Load the bags on my bike and we’re off to deliver.  I got a little publication in the mail that looked and smelled like newspaper (it was, but sans valuable information). […]

  • Embrace the pain to persevere.

    When the difficulty of persevering is more painful than the danger of building the momentum again, we stop. Embrace the pain the preservering, it’s easier than the pain and energy it takes to build the flywheel again. Just keep going.