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  • The scarcity of real urgency.

    It’s unfortunate that despite good intentions so few work with a real sense of urgency. You could argue that downtime is critical for creative thought; or that we’re not running sprints, we’re running a marathon. But we should be running sprints. We find the direction, move fast. Adjust. Don’t mistake busy, frantic, and loud voices as […]

  • People matter more than process.

    (But process still matters.) Companies build processes in order to scale. Consistent quality output requires good processes. As Ed Catmull talks about in Creativity, Inc. it’s not enough to “Trust the process” – trusting a process does not take people out of the equation. People still own the process. I’ve experienced poor processes. Processes so fine-tuned that […]

  • One brain. Many hands.

    Digital marketing is often accomplished by an individual with a computer (mobile, tablet, desktop, or otherwise), the Internet, and some smarts. As digital marketing matures and search algorithms improve, the worlds of SEO and links meld with Public Relations, design, and more. No longer can a modern digital marketing effort be executed with one individual, […]

  • Develop muscles for uncertainty.

    Some are born with the propensity to navigate uncertainty. Most of us are not. For growth and success you must live on the edge of discomfort in a world that seems uncertain. The key is to pursue that world early and often. It’ll be hard. But you will have experiences that will teach you it’s worth […]