The smell of newspaper.

Up before the sun. Twelve years old. A stack a newspapers on the front doorstep. Roll the newspapers and wrap them in rubber bands. Load the bags on my bike and we’re off to deliver. 

I got a little publication in the mail that looked and smelled like newspaper (it was, but sans valuable information). That smell brought back memories. It reminded me of the many jobs I said yes to when I was young. Lawn mowing, paper routes, making pizzas, clearing horse trails. I was no more than 10 years old when I started finding ways earn money.

Today, with minimal investment a ten-year-old can create a mobile app. A website. The world is at their finger tips. But mobile apps and websites don’t have a smell. They do have a soundtrack and taste. What did you listen to while you coded? What did you eat? That’s now my “smell of a newspaper.”

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