I spend most of my days doing marketing. Currently in not-for-profit higher education in San Diego, California.

I’ve led digital-first marketing strategy and operations for more than 70 clients across industries including higher ed, technology, finance, and health and wellness.

  • Grew early-stage monthly revenue 8x in 12 months
  • 3x increase in organic traffic volume on websites using SEO and Content Strategy on websites in Higher Education, Health & Supplements, and Technology
  • Grew agency managed media spend 85% in 12 months
  • Leveraged Conversion Rate Optimization to double conversion rate on Paid Search campaigns
  • 45x ROI on large-scale (1,000+ pages) website redesign

Formally trained in economics (at BYU-Idaho). Didn’t know how cool math was until econometrics. I’m obsessed with digital transformation and how the world will evolve with the blend of Mind and Machine. In my spare time, I learn about machine learning, financial markets, product design + development, languages (German, Tagalog), and fitness + nutrition. I completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program in 2020.

Started the life-changing practice of meditation in 2002. My therapy is exercise (primarily lifting weights).

I’m on twitter  @AaronEdgell and LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronedgell/