Meet Aaron.

Aaron’s job isn’t complicated, but it is complex. Why? Because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to growing a business.

Every product and service is different. Industries vary widely. Customers are unique.

And yet, Aaron has found growth opportunities for over 100 clients across industries ranging from higher ed to healthcare, finance to fitness.

He blends experience and training in economics, analytics, data, human behavior, marketing, and technology to identify patterns, connect dots, and leverage frameworks to identify and run experiments for growth.

Aaron’s most important “About Me” is in this photo in San Diego.

Aaron is a husband and father. He lifts weights and studies health and fitness. He leans on mindfulness and meditation as key tools to stay focused and effective.

He completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program in 2020 and joined the Forbes Communication Council in 2021. He writes about growth, lifelong learning, marketing, and strategy.

I’m on Twitter  @AaronEdgell and LinkedIn at

Aaron Edgell